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  • As an Insurance Broker, we carryout risk inspection of your business process and manufacturing activities,by our team of professionals extensively trained by us in Risk Management.

  • The main objective of the risk inspection is to analyze out an analysis the risks of your assets that are exposed to like fire, natural calamities, theft and burglary and liabilities. During the risk inspection, we suggest you the safety and suitable minimization methods in risk improvement. This will also help to safe guard your property potential losses and reduction of the insurance premium.

  • We also carry out the valuation of your assets at present, enabling you to fix the sum insured under the policies, in a scientific way. This will directly help you to get rid of the problem like under insurance etc, when claim is reported.

  • We suggest and help for valuation of assets in order to assure adequacy of sum insured in the event of the claim.


  • As per the insurance requirements, we suggest you to take have the adequate Insurance protection to your firm/business, so as to ensure that nothing is left unprotected

  • We take the quotations from the Insurance Companies and place the business, keeping in view that the maximum cover is obtained for lesser premium. We scrutinize the documents (policies) obtained from the insurers and ensure the coverage obtained, is in accordance with the requirements that were asked for.


  • The mere purpose of taking Insurance is to have security against any unforeseen events which leads you the financial loss/’ claim. The Claim management is also our major port polio.

  • As you are our valued customer, We assist you right from the intimation of the claim, submission of relevant Claim papers to the Insurance Company and pursue the matter with them till the claim is settled, keeping in view of the terms, conditions etc. of the policy in which the claim is preferred.

  • Our major role, in respect of claim management is:

  1. To ensure the surveyor appointment within 24 hours, from the time claim intimation.
  2. Lisening ning Following up with the surveyor and help you in preparing the claim documents.
  3. Necessary follow up with Insurance company for speedy settlement of the claim.


  • The customers are an important gust to us and we will provide the necessary and valuable services at all times.
  • We provide “after sale service” to you, in case of any change to be incorporated in the policies, during the currency of the policy/ies.
  • To pursue the claims preferred by the clients and help those in obtaining the claims settled.
  • We provide door step services to you, as a valued customer.
  • Mailing software.
  • Market inquiries, finding out, new type of policies those are available from time to time and suggest you the same, in case they fit to your requirement.


  • As an insurance broker, we will have large data base with us and have a track on your renewals and approach you for the betterment of the renewed policy/ies.
  • Conducting workshops and seminars to keep you abreast of all the latest developments.